Raconteur: Accelerating AI in Banking

Improve lending decisions with actionable analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning

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As artificial intelligence and machine learning transform the financial services industry, data is becoming the new currency of value — and organisations that can't leverage AI and ML to create value from data will miss out on this 21st century gold rush.
In this Raconteur paper sponsored by FICO, you'll learn:

  • How advanced analytics are helping credit decisioning turn insights into action
  • In uncertain times, how collections and recovery teams should utilise AI and ML to improve results
  • How smart systems improve the customer experience to help you win both trust and business
  • How AI and ML are helping to personalize the customer journey and why it matters
  • Why AI ethics and explainability are crucial to business success
  • How artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used as powerful weapons in the global cyber-war with fraudsters
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