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Congressional Remarks

“Financial literacy is crucial to helping North Carolinians manage their overall financial health and realize their American Dream. I want to thank FICO for holding this event for the residents of Raleigh and Durham and inviting me to participate.”

– Senator Thom Tillis (NC)

“Financial literacy is an invaluable asset that enables financial success. Not every member of our community has had the opportunity to acquire these skills, which is why programs like Score A Better Future are a great benefit to the people of Kansas City. This program represents an opportunity for all who attend to learn how to better navigate the forces that influence their financial wellbeing.”

– Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II (MO)

“The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic impacts have left many South Carolinians with questions about their personal finances and credit health. I thank FICO for hosting this important discussion, and I look forward to participating in this free event for Upstate residents.”

– Representative William Timmons (SC-04)

“It often requires patience and sacrifice, but consistent work toward a financial goal will lead to success, if a person knows how to use financial tools effectively. That is why FICO’s financial literacy programs are an important form of empowerment. Credit does not have to be a burden. If it is used wisely, it can become a powerful financial tool that can expand the capacity of anyone who uses it capably.”

– Rep. John Lewis (GA)


“I want to thank FICO for presenting this tremendous program to provide you with FICO Score education and an opportunity to receive help from local credit counselors who can help you improve your financial health. […] Tonight, all of you have a real chance to take positive steps toward building a positive financial future.”

– Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay (MO)

“I’m thrilled to join FICO and Congressman Horsford for this important event that will empower hardworking Nevadans with the education they need to start building a better future for them and their families. For Nevada families, understanding how to strengthen their credit scores and plan for specific goals is the first step towards financial success. I’m thankful that FICO is giving back to the community through this workshop and I’m looking forward to working with them.”

“Last night I spoke with many hardworking Nevadans with exciting dreams, from buying a home, to opening a small business, to saving for their retirement and their kids’ college education. I’m thankful to FICO and all the volunteers who put on such an important event to help families understand how to strengthen their credit scores and plan for their financial goals. I will continue to ensure that Nevadans have resources and support available to help them achieve their financial goals and that there are protections in place and equal access to credit opportunities for every Nevadan looking to build a better future for themselves, their families, their communities and the Silver State.”

– U.S. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (NV)

“Financial literacy and financial education forums are great opportunities for community members to better understand how to take control of their financial futures.  Knowing your credit score and learning about ways to improve it are important steps towards building financial security.” 

– Rep. Steven Horsford (NV)


“Financial literacy is crucial to navigating today’s complex economy and to the success of our communities here in Alabama. I hope folks take advantage of this opportunity for free financial education, and I look forward to seeing everyone there.”

– U.S. Senator Doug Jones (AL)


“FICO’s Score A Better Future program is critical for improving financial health in underserved communities. The opportunity to learn from local credit counselors is invaluable - understanding credit scores and the financial tools available are essential to building a healthy financial future. I want to thank FICO for presenting this important program and empowering people to achieve their financial goals.”

– Rep. Alma Adams, (NC)





Attendee Remarks

“The event made it quick and easy to understand my FICO Score. It gave me the motivation I needed to become financially healthy.”

“I went over my credit report with a financial counselor and we came up with a plan to raise my score tremendously.”

“I think bringing the resource (credit counselors) on site is very practical. It helps keep the momentum towards financial freedom.”

“I learned what to do and not do when using credit, and how to improve my score.”

“It made me realize the factors that are contributing to my debt and my personal decisions that impact my credit score.”

“This was a very informative event. I feel much more confident in my financial knowledge.”

“Knowing the weight of each factor used in compiling a FICO Score was very helpful.”




Nonprofit Organizations

“If we can just get the FICO Score up 120 points,..., community by community, block by block, family by family, you literally change the world.”

John Hope Bryant, Operation HOPE

“Event such as this, is very important for consumers to understand what FICO is as it relates to the three major credit repositories and how the personal consumer’s credit score is comprised.”

– Johnette Brown, Urban League of Greater Atlanta