Acquire New Customers

Predictive analytics, personalized offers, profitable portfolio.

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Stand out from the crowd

Facing increased competition and constrained marketing budgets, you need to work harder than ever to find and win profitable new customers. To achieve portfolio growth while staying within resource constraints, your customer acquisition strategies need to be precisely tailored to the needs of each prospective customer.

With FICO, your organization is empowered to deliver attention-grabbing campaigns and real-time experiences as consumers interact with your brand. The solution builds and continuously updates profiles as you engage with prospects and uses analytics and AI to generate the right actions to present across every touch point.

Enabling Technologies

With 60+ years of pioneering work in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, FICO powers our solutions with the most advanced technology available.
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Start simple with basic marketing strategies for fast time-to-value, then build digital sophistication as you grow.


Deploy changes to campaigns quickly within a safe, scalable, and flexible cloud environment.

AI, Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Drive portfolio performance with AI and advanced analytics offerings.


Optimize marketing offer strategies to increase profitability, balance constraints, and meet business objectives.

Growth Expectations

Clients leveraging FICO’s customer acquisition solution routinely see results such as:
Increase in acquisition volume
Increase in new sales
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Increase in portfolio profit on preapproved loans
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Increase in response rates
Technical Details

Meet and exceed acquisition KPIs with FICO technology

Grow your business by leveraging risk prescreen capabilities to identify a wider qualified audience and execute campaigns. Use the same risk criteria for audience identification as you do for lending decisions with FICO® Origination Manager and other systems.
Adjust quickly to market changes with on-demand, recurring, event-triggered campaigns that earn attention. Create offers that truly resonate with your prospects and execute them through any digital channel.
Boost acceptance rates with risk analytics, AI, and strategies that reflect your organization’s credit guidelines. Incorporate powerful optimization to assign the right products to the right prospects for maximum responses and lowest risk.
Manage data for known and unknown profiles to create comprehensive customer views — auto link data as individuals become known. High volumes of streaming data from transactions, mobile devices, and sensors can be fed in to complete profiles.
Improve KPI rates by delivering one-to-one content at scale, with a coherent, single voice across online and offline channels. Incorporate predictive analytics into prospect journeys (what is this individual likely to do?) and prescriptive analytics (what is the best action you can take?).

Find profitable prospects

Attract new audiences and grow your portfolio safely with FICO’s customer acquisition solution.