AI and Machine Learning

To solve the ever-changing fraud landscape challenges, deliver seamless consumer experiences, and provide fraud operational efficiency.

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Solve complex fraud challenges

Machine learning and artificial intelligence represent the most effective methods of interpreting individuals’ financial behaviors while supporting an evolving array of secure and convenient payment interactions. Whether with supervised or unsupervised techniques, the analytics required for fraud detection strategies must be tailored to a specific use case to be most effective. After all, in the highly competitive world of financial services, the scale and speed of transactions are simply too great to entrust to unproven technologies.

How It Works

Strengthen customer loyalty with a financial crime prevention environment that puts you in control.

Real-time layered and adaptive analytics to fight fraud and financial crime across any product and channel.

FICO’s history of analytic innovation combined with our fraud and financial crime expertise ensures your organization benefits from the latest AI and machine learning techniques proven to solve real-world business problems. FICO’s behavioral profiling competence across identities, accounts, devices, and more — including self-learning analytics — protects your bottom line while delivering a seamless customer experience.

Consortium models

Built on the foundation of the FICO® Falcon® Intelligence Network — the world’s largest consortium of payments data, composed of both fraud and non-fraud exemplars — our models benefit from continuously updated behavioral profiling.

Unsupervised and semi-supervised outlier models

Patented techniques detect new and unfamiliar fraud patterns by recognizing suspicious deviations from normal activity that have little or no historical data. Ideal for emerging products and channels, including real-time payments fraud.

Custom models

Delivered as an analytic service to enable your organization to leverage sophisticated analytic technology from the FICO lab that is tailored to the nuances of your data.

Transaction profiling and anomaly detection

Powerful multi-dimensional behavioral profiling understands patterns in real time, uncovering even the subtlest indication of fraud or deviation from peer group behavior.

Network analytics for transaction monitoring and investigation

Feature generation technology that automatically identifies connected entities and organized criminal networks to uncover suspicious patterns.

Explainable AI (xAI)

In a highly regulated environment, explainability is table stakes. With FICO’s dedicated investment to innovation and delivery of xAI, we can help you meet both business user and regulatory requirements.

Bring your own models

Fighting fraud takes layered controls, and FICO gives you the ability to both deploy your models in our platform, and to enable your data scientists to design, author, train, and test financial crimes models from a the FICO® Platform.

Data, numbers and statistics

See how FICO helps deliver real business results and better customer experiences for leading organizations across industries and around the world.
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