AML Analytics

Improve traditional rule-based anti-money laundering (AML) transaction monitoring efforts by adopting AI technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

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New weapons to combat money laundering and terrorist financing

Stay one step ahead of increasingly sophisticated criminals and their vast networks and use the power of AI to improve almost any functionality of an implemented AML solution. Benefit from more intelligent segmentation, more dynamic typologies, and more productive alerts. Add network analytics to identify bad actors and relationships across the portfolio. Create transparency and trust and satisfy regulators and auditors with explainable results from your advanced analytic models.

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FICO named a “Category Leader” in Chartis report on “Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services, 2019”

Chartis, Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services
Market and Vendor Landscape, 2019

Analytics for more effective transaction monitoring

How can machine learning be leveraged for AML? Why has the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning in AML been relatively slow so far? At Siron User Group in Munich, we asked our Chief Analytics Officer, Scott Zoldi, to provide his insights.

AML advanced analytics core technology

Strengthen anti-money laundering efforts with AI.
Unsupervised outlier and supervised models — machine learning models that detect previously unknown behavior patterns and prioritize alerts for more efficient operations.
Collaborative profiles assign customers to “archetypes,” or peer groupings, that improve risk sensitivity for customers based on collective transactional behavior.
Self-learning models create a detailed representation of customer behavior, memorizing it in that profile, and updating the profile in real time as behavior evolves.
Behavior sorted lists embed efficient tracking of most frequently used entities — features using behavior sorted lists act as a “fingerprint” of every account.
FICO’s explainable AI (xAI) provides reason codes describing the variables that most influenced the machine learning score.
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Unleash the power of AI for strengthening AML transaction monitoring efforts

Make the leap to next-gen tech to solve the false-positive alerts problem in rule-based AML/CTF systems, increase the efficiency of existing AML solutions, and drive better allocation and use of compliance resources.