Analytic Services and Consulting

Accelerate your AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics with market-leading domain expertise.

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Your Partner in AI Innovation

In the age of the digital transformation, your organization needs to move fast. Whether it’s executive coaching and advisory services from industry veterans who’ve been there and done that, or you’re short-staffed and need extra capacity from one of the best data science teams in the business, we are your partner in AI innovation and can give you the competitive edge.

Example offerings

High-value analytic services and consulting can up-level your internal teams and accelerate projects with our deep subject matter expertise and industry insights.

Current State Assessments

Document current performance and identify your roadmap for strategic change.

AI and Machine Learning Microservices

Complement your existing systems with predictive models delivered in the cloud and fully managed by our expert team.

Data Discovery and Monetization

Identify valuable “signals” in your data and utilize our unique expertise as a world-class leader in creating business value from data.

Modeling with Machine Learning

Utilize the latest approaches and algorithms to responsibly deploy machine learning and advanced data analytics across the customer lifecycle.

Data Science Upskilling

Take advantage of our unique methodology and deep expertise in financial services and optimization to accelerate your in-house team.

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"We had data and clear competitive goals. We didn’t know how to make the data best serve these goals and if we were missing other opportunities we could easily execute against."

at a major Latin American bank
Case Study

FICO Machine Learning Yields Rapid Time to Value (TTV) and Uncovers New Risk Predictors

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Case Study

Latin American financial firm distills key insights from big data for competitive edge

Key insights from big data for competitive edge
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Decision Management and Optimization
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Decision Management and Optimization

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