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Analytics & Optimization for Transportation

Analytics & Optimization for Transportation

Augment human intelligence with advanced analytics and AI – balancing complex and interrelated factors to arrive at the best possible decisions.

“The FICO Xpress Optimization Suite underlies some of the biggest, most expensive problems that we solve at the airline.”

- Rusty Burlingame, Senior Operations, Research Developer at Southwest Airlines

Solution Details

Improve operating margins by making smarter plans and responding nimbly to the unexpected.

A car rental company is boosting profitability using scheduling optimization to dynamically adjust minimum rental periods, ensuring car availability for most valued customers. An airline is saving $19 million a year optimizing tankering strategies to balance fuel price differences at airports, impact of carrying excess fuel on flight energy consumption and safety regulations. The same airline company is also using optimization to reroute flights around weather events and adjust gate assignments so flight crews arrive at connections five minutes faster. Producing big data insights to drive changes big and small, decision optimization adds up to major competitive advantage.

FICO decision management solutions help you make the most of all the rich data streaming in from your operations and planning activities. Putting the power of optimization, machine learning, explainable AI and other advanced analytics in the hands of business users, we help your organization make hugely complex decisions within fast-moving time windows.

Use Cases


Planning and Logistics

Hone your decision strategies to generate more profit from every aspect of your operations.

Complex operations encompass myriad opportunities for profitable change — optimization reveals them. One airline optimized its annual bidding strategy for fuel contracts, saving $20 million annually in fuel costs while protecting customers from potential ticket shocks due to spikes in fuel prices.

  • Streaming data analytic platform
  • Business rules management system
  • Bid optimization
  • Logistics optimization


Put assets and resources where and when you need them for best performance.

Using optimization, you can balance any number of factors in complex decisions. Factor in the cost of overtime and idle time, for instance, alongside employee schedule preferences and company profit targets — and how all of these factors play out in different market demand scenarios.

  • Streaming data analytic platform
  • Business rules management system
  • Scheduling optimization

Management of the Unexpected

Effectively handle disruptions and challenges.

Even optimized plans and schedules can be upset by weather events or sudden maintenance needs. With decision optimization, you can quickly adjust them, barely missing a beat, to make the best of challenging situations. One airline, for example, uses these advanced analytics to immediately determine the best way to get planes needing unexpected maintenance to where the required parts and mechanics are.

  • Streaming data analytic platform
  • Logistics optimization
  • Scheduling optimization
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