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Analytics & Optimization for Utilities

Analytics & Optimization for Utilities

Deliver better service while making operations more efficient and profitable.

“FICO's optimization technology is clearly next-generation and their expertise and proactive engagement have gone a long way in making this project successful."

- Rishi Amrit, Process Control Engineer at Shell

Solution Details

Increase operational flexibility while reducing cost and waste, freeing up capital for investment in innovative new services.

Predictive analytics, optimization and other advanced analytics help you determine the least-cost means of meeting energy demand while addressing customer preferences, complying with environmental regulations, and balancing generation capacity, transmission constraints and plant-specific operational conditions.

FICO decision management solutions rapidly pull insights from a blend of diverse data sources, including the IoT, third-party services, and customer profiles and interactions. They mathematically pinpoint the best decisions from large numbers of potential choices — increasing your organizational agility by putting the power of decision science in the hands of business users.

Use Cases


Business Strategy

Balance the myriad factors impacting your operational effectiveness.

Business Strategy

Using advanced analytics, such as machine learning, optimization and explainable AI, you can analyze a wider range of data to generate more insights for strategic planning. One utility is encompassing a wide range of factors into its business strategy optimizations — wholesale power, system reliability, environmental impact, fuel choice, capacity expansion and all key operational elements of generators on the power grid. Far from “black box” outputs, recommendations made by advanced analytics are easy for stakeholders to understand and operations research teams to work with. Using simulation, they interactively explore tradeoffs between various factors as they adjust KPI targets, and compare performance under simulated scenarios of economic and market conditions.

  • Streaming data analytic platform
  • Business rules management system
  • Machine learning and explainable AI
  • Workforce scheduling
  • Scheduling optimization
  • Transmission analyses
  • Spend and supplier mix analyses
Building Resiliency – Adapting to the Challenges of Today | April 20 - May 28, 2020
April 20, 2020

Building Resiliency – Adapting to the Challenges of Today | April 20 - May 28, 2020

We want to help you future proof the next step in your organization’s journey by sharing the lessons FICO experts have learned about building resiliency during tumultuous times. Register below to gain access to our virtual event series.

From April 20 through May 28, FICO will host a series of live webinars sharing best practices and strategies for resiliency in your organization. The topics fall within six tracks including adaptability, digital customer engagement, risk management, operational efficiency, building trust and protecting customers.

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FICO Xpress Optimization & Xpress Insight Virtual Training
June 2, 2020

FICO Xpress Optimization & Xpress Insight Virtual Training

Time: 12pm – 5pm EST / 9am – 2pm PST

Are you an operations research or data scientist role and want to become an expert in FICO Xpress Optimization and Xpress Insight? Register for this web-based training session and receive two days of classroom-style instruction from our FICO experts.

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FICO Optimization Software to Evolve Plant Processing at Shell.

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