Collections Analytics

How much uncollected money are you leaving behind due to less than optimal collection and recovery scoring tools? When it comes to managing collection resources, analytics counts.

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Get a consolidated view of consumers’ likely repayment behaviors

FICO® Custom Collection & Recovery Models give lenders and collection agencies the insights required to collect and recover debt more effectively. Your data combined with sophisticated predictive analytics and FICO’s domain expertise helps to identify which accounts are likely to self-cure with little to no action on your part, roll to deeper delinquency no matter what you do and make a payment if given the right nudge. Implementation of Collections and Recovery scores in the FICO analytic cloud supports a light IT footprint for your organization and low Total Cost of Ownership, rapid redevelopment when customer behaviors evolve and the highest security and uptime standards.

Enabling Technologies

With 60+ years of pioneering work in predictive analytics and artificial intelligence, FICO powers our solutions with the most advanced science available.

Statistics, numbers & data

This is the average when you use optimization to execute the right strategy at right time regardless of level of delinquency
This is the average lift that you will have when you add in collections models coupled with data driven strategies
This is the average lift from using off the shelf scores, bureau scores and expert models
Collections Analytics

How it works

Collections analytics show you where to focus your collection and recovery resources for better results. At every stage of treatment, from early delinquency to recovery, analytics point to the path of greater success by answering the four most critical questions for business performance improvement:

1. What caused changes in performance metrics?

2. How can we reallocate resources to improve results?

3. Would changing treatment influence consumer behavior?

4. How do we get the biggest gains from the least effort?

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