Collections Management

Creating the right balance between operational efficiency and improving the customer experience.

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World-class collections solutions

FICO’s strategies and collection treatments, fueled by the power of domain-specific scores and predictive analytics, help you select the most appropriate action and contact channel for every consumer interaction through all stages of the collection lifecycle.

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Our flexible and configurable technology enables efficient and compliant account management aimed at preventing losses and optimizing the customer experience.


Learn how FICO solutions can empower you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

FICO Advisory Services

Partner with us for deep decision making insights, increased business analytic knowledge and a vision for your longer term strategic direction.
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Collections Optimization

Transform collection effectiveness and customer connectivity by applying powerful, easy-to-use advanced analytics tools to address business objectives.
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Collections Analytics

How much uncollected money are you leaving behind due to less than optimal collection and recovery scoring tools? When it comes to managing collection resources, analytics counts.
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Partner with FICO to leverage our years of experience building efficiencies with global organizations of all sizes. FICO can help you understand your own unique collections management situation and how best to scope for change in ways that support scalability and ongoing growth.