Collections Optimization

Transform collection effectiveness and customer connectivity by applying powerful, easy-to-use advanced analytics tools to address business objectives.

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Easily and confidently choose the best decisions in collection and recovery operations, for account placements, settlements, channel selection, and other strategic treatment decisions.

Collections optimization helps organizations of all sizes strike a balance between loss reduction, resource challenges, and operational constraints to help maximize profitability, meet regulatory requirements, and manage customer satisfaction. It can be leveraged across the collections spectrum — from pre-delinquency and early stage collections through later stage and recovery activities.


Enhance collector performance

By targeting resources to the right accounts

Improve roll rates

While balancing capacity and collection expenses

Propel recovery rates

Via optimization agency management and settlement capabilities

FICO Collections Optimization in Action

The complete solution that enables you to model, optimize, assess, and deploy strategies to address challenging business objectives.
Evaluate and monitor C&R KPIs; Build a graphical model for one or more decisions; Establish mathematical relationships within key variables
Analyze large quantities of key constraints to evaluate alternatives; Explore range of what’s possible; Analyze operational impacts
Solve for profit-improvement strategies within specified constraints; Explore tradeoffs between conflicting goals; Stress-test results
Incorporate optimized strategies into core processing solutions; Manage and track strategies to respond to market demands and changes; Execute consistent decisions every day, week, month, etc.
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Beyond the Software

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Debt Collection and Recovery
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