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Customer Communications for Customer Management

Create seamless communication across the entire customer journey with a single enterprise platform solution.

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See how FICO helps deliver real business results and better customer experiences for leading organizations across industries and around the world.


Re-engagement with applicants who failed to return documents


Increase in interactions completed automatically


Customers responding to text within five minutes


Improvement in opt-in rates
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Put communications at the heart of digital customer relationships.

More and more, customers are choosing to use digital channels. Customers want convenience, but they also want the institution they’re doing business with to know who they are. They want self-service options but also want to feel supported.

Businesses are looking to balance operational efficiencies with providing customers with personalized services. They need a way to conduct individual dialogues at scale without adding contact center headcount. To accomplish this, they need intelligent omnichannel communications to personalize customer experiences, at scale.

Execute conversational messages and best practice strategies
Experience better resolution results and outcomes compared to human agents only, or mass messaging services.
Conduct any number of digital individualized dialogues
Communicate with the speed, courtesy, and compliance of your best agents — boosting operational efficiency by shifting agents to more complex cases and questions.
Engage consumers in automated dialogues
Leverage self-service, virtual agent, email, SMS, mobile apps, push, web, and IVR communication across the customer journey. Issue authorizations for new accounts, inform about changes such as credit line increase/decrease and pricing, handle complaints efficiently with call fronting and reissue cards that are lost or stolen.
Tested and proven
FICO customers gain improved profitability, higher customer satisfaction, enhanced contact resolution rates — all while staying data privacy compliant.

Intelligent omnichannel digital communication management preconfigured for customer engagement

FICO® Customer Communication Services — a flexible technology solution for building, managing, and extending digital communication capabilities across the enterprise — enables you to benefit exponentially as your communication strategy grows in sophistication.

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Only FICO offers an integrated digital communications platform that turns decisions into actions. Use data to properly segment accounts, integrate a powerful rules engine, and get help from dedicated industry experts. Leverage pre-defined best practices to digitally execute consumer alerts and enhance automated communication across the entire customer journey. 

“What’s hard to find is a truly integrated lifecycle experience within one provider. Customer Communication Services provides this to us and is integrated with our entire credit lifecycle. It’s a good, seamless experience for our customers.”

Senior Vice President 
North American Financial Institution


FICO solutions offer a wide range of capabilities, empowering you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

External Data Access

Inform your decisions and enrich your insights with signals from third-party data and other alternative data sources.

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Analytics &. ML

Leverage our patented AI techniques to develop your advanced analytics and train your ML models to deeply understand and predict customer behavior.

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Make more precise, consistent, and intelligent decisions across your enterprise with expert control over your decision logic.

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Unleash the power of mathematical optimization — use high-performance solvers to model business problems and calculate the best possible decision to maximize your desired outcomes.

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Composition & Orchestration

Choreograph your intelligence to animate customer journeys by weaving data, insights, and actions into positive, memorable, and valuable moments in your customers lives.

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Testing & Validation

Ensure your configuration drives the desired outcomes by testing and validating business services across FICO® Platform.

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FICO solutions offer a wide range of capabilities, empowering you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

Customer Communications for Collections

Resolve more debt with AI-infused omnichannel communication.

Customer Communications for Enterprise

Intelligent digital customer communication management across the customer lifecycle.

Customer Communications for Fraud

An intelligent omnichannel digital customer communication management solution for low-friction, high-security fraud alert resolution.

Customer Management

Your customers’ needs can shift in an instant. Monitor changes and develop real-time 360-degree customer views of account performance with FICO’s advanced customer management technology.


Open more accounts, retain, and grow your customer base without increasing exposure to risk.

Build a better customer experience from the start.

Reach customers faster, elicit greater response, and reduce operating costs throughout the customer journey with digital, omnichannel communications.
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