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Customer Communications for Fraud

An intelligent omnichannel digital customer communication management solution for low-friction, high-security fraud alert resolution.

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Financial Services

FICO® Customer Communication Services for Fraud enhances fraud prevention for consumers and businesses by identifying and stopping criminal activity sooner. With an automated, low-friction, self-service way of checking suspicious transactions with customers, you decrease the number of fraudulent transactions and losses per case and shorten time to resolution. Offering a superior customer experience to protect their security.

What it is

FICO® Customer Communication Services for Fraud is an intelligent omnichannel digital communication manager that interacts with customers to identify and decrease fraud while strengthening the customer experience.

FICO Customer Communication Services for Fraud can scale to handle any volume of self-service fraud checks via customer-preferred channels and orchestrates contact strategies across any mix of channels. With Customer Communication Services, your business can reach out to customers immediately after indications of suspicious behavior in a manner that is easy and convenient for recipients to respond to, and cost-effective for your organization.

Using a low-friction method in a risk-appropriate way demonstrates that you’re serious about customer-centric security and can provide the means to validate irregular behavior by legitimate customers, distinguishing it from fraudulent behavior. At the same time, responses from customers provide data points enabling fraud models to dynamically adapt to changing behavior. You can also use this data to analyze fraud model performance and the effectiveness of fraud and communication strategies.

Benefits of FICO Customer Communication for Fraud

FICO® Customer Communication Services for Fraud clients have enjoyed significant improvements in fraud prevention and protection since deploying the solution, including:
cases worked (up from 35%)
decrease in fraud transactions per case
decrease in loss per case
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Catch more fraud: With no limit to the number of cases FICO® Customer Communication Services for Fraud can handle per hour, there’s no need to confine fraud checks to only the riskiest transactions with the highest fraud scores

Manage communications your way: Customer Communication Services combines intelligence with flexibility, so you can handle customer dialogues in the way that best suits your operations

Leverage FICO’s fraud management leadership and expertise: Customer Communication Services  is the only enterprise omnichannel communications solution that comes with a prebuilt connector to FICO® Falcon® Fraud Manager. This detection system monitors 78% of global card actions and analyzes 85% of all data points that help prevent fraud

Case Study

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“Because we can connect automated, real-time communications to our fraud detection system, we’re able to help our customers, the issuers, keep their card top of wallet with their cardholders. This directly impacts our customers’ bottom line.”

Vince Haulotte, VP of Global Product Management


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