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Customer Credit Lifecycle

Customer Credit Lifecycle

Thriving in the age of the customer.

Customer Credit Lifecycle Overview

Deliver a customer-centric experience at every stage.

Today’s customers are empowered to choose companies that provide superior products, outstanding services and relevant experiences, thanks to intensifying competition, digital technology and lower switching costs.

As a result, today’s market leaders are those that innovate to ensure that every decision in the customer credit lifecycle — from marketing to collections to fraud management — offers a clear understanding of the impact to the customer and the customer’s ongoing profitability.

Successful customer-centric decision making requires:

  • Advanced analytics. Understand what happened, predict what will happen next and how customers will react, and prescribe what should happen.
  • Comprehensive decision management technology. Execute decision strategies that are right for each customer, consistently and at scale.
  • Rich domain expertise. Continually monitor performance and experiment with new analytic models and decision strategies to iterate and improve performance.