Decision Rules

Technologies for articulating and executing enterprise decision automation.

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Decision Rules

Decision rules are normally very structured, highly repeatable, and most suitable for making tactical, operational decisions in transactional applications and business processes. Almost all of day-to-day B2C customer interactions are powered by decision rules. Industries in the business of placing orders, adjudicating claims, underwriting risks, originating loans, and processing payments all trend toward decision automation and adopt modern digital decisioning capabilities.

Decision Rules at FICO

FICO pioneered the use of business rules to articulate and codify business decision making. This industry leadership has been extended over the years with the introduction of FICO® Blaze Advisor® decision rules management system and FICO® Decision Modeler in the cloud. Today, Decision Modeler, powered by the FICO® Platform, extends our expertise and knowledge to other industries and business use cases where risk management requires advanced analytics, accurate and automated decisioning, and constrained-based optimization expertise.

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The FICO Platform

The FICO Platform and Decision Modeler serve as the digital decisioning platform that powers an array of horizontal solutions that directly maps onto typical, end-to-end customer lifecycle management processes. Those applications include integrated marketing and acquisitions, origination and onboarding, communications services, customer servicing and account management, debt management, collections & recovery, identity resolution, fraud detection and protection, regulatory compliance, and general optimization.

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