Digital Self-Serve for Payments

Self-service communication improves debt collection rates and the customer experience.

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Connecting Self-Serve Communication and AI to Collect More Debt

Consumers expect individualized treatment, omnichannel communication options, convenient self-service, and a sense of control over their debt collection process. Use digital communications with AI to meet these expectations to collect more debt, at a fraction of what it costs using human agents.


With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

Conduct Interactive Communications

Conduct any number of dialogues through online and mobile channels with the efficiency, courtesy, and compliance of your best agents.

Orchestrate Full Omnichannel Communications

Orchestrate communication strategies with different channel mixes, follow consumers if they switch channels, and measure results in a unified approach across channels.

Manage Anything

Manage anything from past-due reminders to multi-step strategies driven by predictive models, machine learning, and mathematical optimization. Combine even basic AI and intelligent communication execution to create a superior customer experience.

Schedule Digital Communications

Schedule intelligent digital communications when data shows your chance of success is highest, unrestricted by workforce shift capabilities.
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We’ve had great success using FICO customer communications. We’re seeing major efficiency gains in increased promise-to-pays as well as decreased dependencies on call centers, including reduced headcount.

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Increased Contact Rates and Debt Resolution

Increase in right- party contacts
Of contacts resulting in promise-to-pay or payment
Kept promise rate, up from 5%

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Digital Communication for Debt Collection.
Every business collecting debt is competing on customer experience. For a growing number of consumers, a great experience means digital, mobile, self-service, and personalized communication. The pandemic has dramatically accelerated these trends, and customers are noticing and switching loyalties after an inferior experience.
The beauty of intelligent omnichannel communications is that a link or button can be embedded in texts, emails, and in-app communications, automatically connecting to a human agent when needed, or when requesting a call-back.
Look for the ability to digitally self-serve, which is the preferred way for a consumer to repay debt. Other capabilities, including payment reminders and arrangements, broken promise notices, over limit and insufficient funds alerts, bank transfers, e-signatures, and other programs should be available.
A preconfigured system following best practices with templates, scripts, workflows, and modifiable rules that are easily implemented is what you want to look for. Depending on your own specific situation, it may take eight weeks or more.
Choose digital applications with configurable compliance frameworks with rules engines that automatically enforce applicable regulations for the debt collection industry. This includes the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in the UK and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US, for example, and other national, regional, and local legislative regulations.
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Improve Debt Collection Resolution While Improving the Customer Experience with Digital Self-Service

The results speak for themselves: more contacts, promises-to-pay and payments. Improve your own debt collection through self-service omnichannel communications.