FICO® Recovery Analytics

A systematic, reliable way to prioritize debt recovery accounts for treatment, and focus efforts where they are most likely to produce results.

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FICO Recovery Analytics

Businesses across industries are using increasingly complex analytics to power recovery decisions. However, debt collection agency and legal agency placement processes remain limited in their use of analytical tools and capabilities. This results in generic, judgmental placement strategies, lacking a robust champion/challenger approach, with limited performance reporting and insights. This presents a big opportunity to make a clear differentiation, especially in markets where customers have multiple exposures to different lenders, and collection managers must fight for payments just as marketing fights for wallet share.

What if you could apply advanced analytics to assign each charged-off account to a collection agency, attorney or placement channel that maximizes collection on specific account types—and still maintain complete control over your agency relationships and account distributions? FICO Recovery Analytics can significantly improve your ability to collect more of what you are owed, leading to increased profitability. Recovery analytics identifies the collections agency most likely to maximize payment. When analytical tools and techniques are used effectively, they empower a credit grantor’s agency management team to make data-driven strategic decisions and to hold more informed performance management discussions with their collection agencies. This approach typically results in portfolio performance improvements of 5%–10%, which can equate to millions of dollars in increased collections for the organization.

FICO® Collection and Recovery Models and Scores

Use analytics to empower collectors, increase productivity and stay compliant.


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How it Works

At every stage of treatment, from early delinquency to recovery, analytics point to the path of greater success by answering the four most critical questions for business performance improvement:
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1. What caused changes in performance metrics?

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2. How can we reallocate resources to improve results?

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3. Would changing treatment influence consumer behavior?

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4. How do we get the biggest gains from the least effort?

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