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Financial Crime

Financial Crime

Protect your organization and your customers throughout their relationship with you.

Financial Crime

Mutually assured protection.

How do you foster intelligent, real-time collaboration between your institution and your customers to stop financial crime and create more trusted relationships?


FICO can help. Scroll down to learn how.

Strategy Execution

Move fast. Don’t break things.

Gain the speed necessary to deploy new financial crime mitigation strategies in response to new regulations and evolving fraud tactics and the confidence to know that these strategies will deliver the protection and peace of mind you and your customers deserve.

Financial Crime
Fraud Signal intelligence.

Precisely identify fraud signals and create an enterprise-level view of the risks facing your organization, across all products and channels.

Synthetic identity fraud losses in the US credit card market are estimated to reach over $1.2 billion in 2020. Is your organization prepared?
Compliance The proof is in the algorithm.

Prevent financial crime and demonstrate full compliance with comprehensive model governance and explainable artificial intelligence algorithms.

“FICO’s integrated approach helps us not only to have the holistic 360 degree view but to be ready for future compliance requirements to effectively fight money laundering.”

— Nico van der Merwe,
Group Head Risk and Compliance, Bank Windhoek
Application Monitoring Welcome customers. Goodbye fraudsters.

Onboard customers with confidence using intelligent, multi-layered application fraud detection and know-your-customer capabilities.

Learn how a large, multinational bank reduced third-party fraud losses by 55% over 5 years.
Transaction Monitoring Advanced anomaly detection, at scale.

Facilitate lawful transactions while leveraging advanced anomaly detection to stop account takeover and money laundering in their tracks.

Customer Engagement
Customer Engagement Safe + Easy = Trust

Build trust by evolving your fraud communications to keep pace with customer preferences for quick, unobtrusive, digital fraud resolution.

Learn how a South African bank leveraged digital communication capabilities to improve customer satisfaction and process three times as many fraud alerts without adding staff.

Strategy Design

Strategy, by design.

Understand what happened and why; build continuously-updating behavioral profiles; prescribe and deploy the best strategy for improving your performance.

Data & Analysis
Data Dive in.

Collect and organize all relevant internal customer and performance data and continually evaluate and experiment with new external data.

Real-time Behavioral Profiles The (constantly) new normal.

Build real-time behavioral profiles using AI to distinguish between fraudulent and legitimate activities.

Cognitive Fraud Analytics Know what to look for.

Identify new fraud risk signals faster with advanced analytic techniques.

Prescriptive Strategies Optimized Strategies, over the counter.

Discover new strategies to minimize losses and customer friction at the same time.

There are millions of things you could do. Learn how to efficiently evaluate all those possibilities to discover what you should do at any given decision point.
Analytic Learning Loop
Analytic Learning Loop Test. Learn. Repeat.

Accelerate the strategy design and execution cycle and strengthen your competitive position in a rapidly changing environment.

Boost the return on your analytic investments and accelerate the pace of innovation with an integrated strategy design and execution environment.
Decision Management Platform
Decision Management Platform One platform. Endless possibilities.

Extend the value of your fraud decisions with FICO’s Decision Management Platform, a comprehensive collection of data science and decision authoring tools integrated within a unified, cloud-native execution environment.

See where FICO’s platform can take you next.
Strategy Execution Fraud Compliance Application Monitoring Transaction Monitoring Customer Engagement Strategy Design Data Real-time Behavioral Profiles Cognitive Fraud Analytics Prescriptive Strategies Analytic Learning Loop Platform

Customer Lifecycle

Explore the Customer Lifecycle

Every decision that impacts your customers matters. Explore the remaining areas of the customer lifecycle to learn how FICO’s decisioning, analytics, and customer engagement capabilities can help.