Financial Inclusion and Growth

The FICO® Financial Inclusion Initiative is focused on the development of new scoring products, partnerships, services, and platforms to empower lenders’ decision making and financial inclusion growth efforts around the world.

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About FICO® Score XD


FICO is a longtime analytic leader in incorporating alternative data in credit scoring models to help expand credit access for consumers that otherwise don’t receive a traditional FICO® Score. As part of our Financial Inclusion Initiative, FICO developed FICO®Score XD using alternative data - data the resides outside of traditional credit files - to address the 25M credit invisible consumers.

We believe that the key to increasing access to credit is to encourage lenders to test and use alternative data scores. To encourage broader adoption of FICO® Score XD and financial inclusion, FICO is excited to announce a 12-month promotional period (ending January 2022) during which we will waive FICO fees to its distribution partners when lenders pull a FICO® Score XD on consumers that do not have a traditional FICO Score.

Those new customers who sign with FICO’s distribution partner to receive FICO® Score XD will have a guarantee that there are no FICO fees charged to such partner for FICO® Score XD for the promotional period. Our distribution partners will still establish the fees for the cost of data, processing and set pricing for FICO Score XD.

To learn more about FICO® Score XD please download FICO’s white paper:


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A Path to Credit Access

With FICO® Scores currently in market and under development leveraging new alternative data sources, hundreds of millions of consumers who are currently credit invisible could have a path to access credit. Drawing on reliable new sources of data, FICO scores more creditworthy people who are unable to obtain credit using traditional credit bureau data alone. Whether establishing the first credit score for a nation or safely growing micro credit, FICO partners with credit reporting agencies and data providers around the world to extend credit access responsibly.

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