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Fraud, Compliance & Cybersecurity

Fraud, Compliance & Cybersecurity

A holistic approach to managing a complex financial crime ecosystem.

Fraud, Compliance & Cybersecurity Overview

The world of financial crime is complex and there are many points of attack. Today’s forward-thinking enterprise understands how fraud, compliance and cybersecurity are interconnected and takes a holistic approach to tackling them. Our solutions for fraud, compliance and cybersecurity all layer advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to deliver:

  • Consistent, accurate detection of risk, while keeping false positive rates low.
  • Fast adaptation to constant change, with less manual effort.
  • Prioritization of cases for cost-effective and efficient management.
  • Lower operational costs through increased automation.
  • As these disciplines continue to converge, we support our customers with a portfolio of solutions that work across the financial crime spectrum to help you to deliver a joined-up strategy.

Fraud: Attacks happen across the customer lifecycle, and every type of transaction is at risk. Our enterprise-wide approach, delivers solutions that tackle fraud at every point, including:

  • Application and identity fraud — Prevent fraudsters from using stolen or synthetic identities to open accounts, without stopping good customers from joining you.
  • Transaction fraud — Stop fraudsters before loss occurs and help legitimate customers complete their transactions without interruption. Whether it’s a card transaction or a payment from an account, check in real time that it’s legitimate and take appropriate action as quickly as possible.
  • Account takeover fraud — Protect your organization and your customers from fraudsters who try to take over accounts to steal from or abuse them.

Compliance: Stay on the right side of the regulators and protect your organization’s reputation. Our solutions help you to know your customer and stay compliant with global anti-money laundering and tax compliance regulation.

Cybersecurity: Protect your customers’ data, your reputation and your revenue by understanding your level of cyber-risk and that of the businesses you work with. Make better decisions about:

  • The vendors you use — uncover the risk that lies within your supply chain, particularly for suppliers that have access to your data or systems.
  • The payment terms you extend — manage effectively where higher cyber-risk could impact a business’s ability to pay you, if they are breached. Consider cyber-risk as part of an assessment for payment terms.
  • The companies you acquire or partner with — assess the cybersecurity risk you inherit from them.