Identity Proofing

Trusted identity validation and verification that supports excellent customer experience.

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Identity proofing — trust is the foundation of good customer relationships

Criminals want to use stolen or fake identities to open accounts, but customers expect the applications process to be fast and easy. Digital identity proofing helps you to validate identity documents and verify that they belong to the person making the application. Protect your organization and offer customers a superior online or in-app experience to build trusted relationships from day one.

Identity Proofing Strategies for Excellent Customer Service

Financial institutions must balance fraud prevention and regulatory compliance with customer experience. So, what happens if they get this balance wrong as they are onboarding new customers? FICO commissioned independent studies with both financial institutions and their customers — could their answers help inform your identity proofing strategies?
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Percentage of banks that force customers opening accounts digitally to use separate channels to prove their identity
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Percentage of people that would give up on opening an account or go to a competitor if asked to act in another channel
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Percentage of Americans who expect to be able to prove their identity using digital channels when opening an account
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Percentage of banks that say prevented sales due to validating identity is a top pain point
Case Study

A Southeast Asian Bank

An international bank uses AI-based biometrics to bring seamless and secure digital platforms to Southeast Asia
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Fraud Protection and Compliance
April 27, 2021 – April 29, 2021

Success Realized: Digital Transformation Delivered

Customers who have beaten the odds and found the keys for succeeding in a slowly recovering world

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