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Is friction interfering with your seamless onboarding experience and hampering your new customer growth?

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A seamless onboarding experience is everything — because today’s customers regard impatience as a virtue.

Is friction costing you in lost business when it comes to new users and the onboarding process? Enhanced customer onboarding processes and customer experiences lead to higher customer retention, directly impacting on your bottom line.

We’re all impatient and our expectations are continually rising when it comes to fast, seamless, friction-free customer onboarding. But once a customer has gone, they’ve often gone for good. Customer success relies on strong onboarding processes — regardless of whether it’s for a deposits, checking accounts, savings, loans, or new credit card applications.

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Why lose your business to competitors due to poor onboarding experience?

A successful customer onboarding process is demanding and often requires multiple customer touchpoints — including automated decisioning, real-time credit risk assessment, fraud and ID checks, data integration, competitive pricing, and offer optimization. But it’s also a critical opportunity to ensure you deliver on your promise to offer a compelling, real-time customer experience that helps you continually win new customers and enhance customer retention. 

FICO Digital Onboarding

Digital onboarding on FICO® Platform allows you to:

Win new customers with no manual intervention during the onboarding process


Successfully deliver a fast, frictionless customer experience in real time


Drive account opening and growth in new, emerging, or higher-risk markets


Quickly adjust customer onboarding process workflows, decisioning logic, and risk models.


Automate routine administrative tasks to free up your workforce to focus on more lucrative and time-critical objectives


With more than 60 years of innovation and pioneering work in predictive analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, FICO® Platform provides a complete, end-to-end set of composable capabilities that empower you to uniquely address a vast spectrum of use cases — right across the customer lifecycle.

It’s the unique combination of Data, Insights, Actions, and Outcomes that delivers a differentiated approach to AI decisioning — at speed and at scale. It enables you to achieve a competitive advantage you’d experience with a fully custom approach — where your unique know-how and intelligence are kept secret — while lowering your costs and speeding up the time to market.

This approach can become your secret weapon to rapidly address new and emerging, data-driven customer scenarios and use cases.

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Trust Bank

Trust Bank is Singapore’s first digital-only bank. It has used FICO® Platform to achieve rapid growth and scale in just four months, exceeding expectations while managing risk.

The lender acquired 100,000 customers in just ten days and exceeded 400,000 within the four months following launch. Its growth equates to around 8% of the addressable market in Singapore making Trust one of the world’s fastest growing digital banks. Trust Bank can onboard a customer and deliver a credit card to them digitally on their phone in just two to four minutes end-to-end. More than 90% of customers are onboarded automatically without any intervention.


Case Study

"As a CRO, I like the flexibility to be able to make changes quickly so that we can get customers onboarded. The FICO Platform helps us to deliver that edge. We can pivot on policy and swivel on strategy rapidly and easily using the technology platform."

Lalit Lohia, CRO
Trust Bank


FICO solutions offer a wide range of capabilities, empowering you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

Analytics & ML

Leverage our patented AI techniques to develop your advanced analytics and train your ML models to deeply understand and predict customer behavior.
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Make more precise, consistent, and intelligent decisions across your enterprise with expert control over your decision logic.
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External Data Access

Inform your decisions and enrich your insights with signals from third-party data and other alternative data sources.
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Composition & Orchestration

Choreograph your intelligence to animate customer journeys by weaving data, insights, and actions into positive, memorable, and valuable moments in your customers lives.
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Feature Management

Get more machine learning projects into production by leveraging a shared library of derived data attributes across your enterprise.
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Unleash the power of mathematical optimization — use high-performance solvers to model business problems and calculate the best possible decision to maximize your desired outcomes.
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Testing & Validation

Ensure your configuration drives the desired outcomes by testing and validating business services across FICO® Platform.
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Why rely on guesswork when you can enjoy certainty?


Open more accounts, retain, and grow your customer base without increasing exposure to risk.

Why lose new customers to your competitors?

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