Onboarding Optimization

Prescriptive analytics for optimized customer onboarding to maximize profitability, balance risk, and navigate constraints.

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Never guess again. Simulate. Analyze. Learn. Repeat.

Evaluate the millions of things you could do—discover what you should do. Use prescriptive analytics to optimize origination strategies and deliver more accurate and consistent onboarding optimization and pricing decisions. Integrate performance data and prior actions taken for a customer to inform a more holistic view of their relationship with and value to the business. Identify which actions will generate the best results, while balancing business policies, revenue goals, and market changes.


With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

Solve your most difficult business problems

FICO® Xpress Optimization offers powerful and versatile solvers and flexible language support to model more accurately and solve highly complex, real-world problems. FICO offers a complete set of industry leading solver technologies.

Rapidly increase business value

This allows FICO Xpress Optimization to process millions of variables at great speed and scalability, enabling business users to find better decisions to complex problems in minutes.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

FICO Xpress Optimization technology is designed to integrate with existing and future machine learning tools and processes. Proven integrations include: the entire R ecosystem; model scores input as data; all PMML formats; MATLAB code and data; external executable scripts; callable “black-box” models in Java or as external scripts; the entire Python ecosystem.

Allow every type of user to successfully utilize optimization

FICO offers optimization products, solutions, and services that allow every level of user to successfully apply optimization to solve business problems, including features and functionality for business users and analysts, solution developers, data scientists, and operation research professionals.

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Evaluate the millions of things you could do — discover what you should do

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