Operationalizing Analytics

Put your advanced analytics into action.

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Operationalizing Analytics

Customer experience, data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) are touted as priorities across most industries today. But most companies are still struggling to efficiently operationalize and get business value out of their analytics and AI investments. FICO offers a solution that provides what-if analysis, scenario management, and simulation that puts analytics in the hands of the business user. Companies that have successfully leveraged advanced analytics for improved execution consistently report that real-time decision making is reducing overhead, automating tasks, and freeing up capacity to make significant bottom-line improvements. Operationalizing advanced analytics means going beyond basic business intelligence and providing leaders with the transparency needed to efficiently evaluate, simulate, and iterate data-driven decisions. Companies are then prepared to capitalize on the true potential of advanced analytics — integrating AI, machine learning (ML), and optimization into operations to transform data from an instrument for retrospective learning into a powerful tool for prescriptive, optimized operations.


With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.


Reduce decision complexity by enabling business and technical users to run what-if analyses and quickly compare multiple possible scenarios.


Run simulations of analytic or optimization models or business rules once a model achieves the desired outcome, it can be published to a business application.


Increase business user adoption provide business users with a modern, easy-to-work-with solution that enables and encourages collaboration.


Maximize current investments in data science and prescriptive analytics by ensuring applications are deployed.


Increase productivity with the ability to run numerous what-if scenarios.

Technical Details

FICO solutions are built on the most advanced analytic science, leveraging decades of pioneering innovation and real-world expertise.

Through an easy-to-understand and goal-oriented interface.
As user-friendly business applications.
Into proof of concept with early model visualization that delivers best-in-class speed to deployment.
Easily adapt, change, or adjust to different directions with efficient simulation and iteration, while simple interfaces and robust reporting capabilities enable data comprehension for all levels of the organization.
Regardless of data platform with open APIs (suite can operate as standalone as well).
Through fail safes with permission-based workflows.

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