Real-Time Payments Fraud

Protect your customers by detecting fraud across all vectors of attack impacted by real-time payments.

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Adopt the Flexibility Required to Tackle Real-Time Payments Fraud

Consumer demand for real-time payments has driven unprecedented innovation in payment channels and digital interactions — also resulting in faster fraud. Support real-time payment fraud initiatives spanning P2P transfers, mobile payments, ACH, and wires. Take control with cascaded contextually relevant data feeds and automate actions with state-of-the-art machine learning scores and configurable risk thresholds.


Match the pace of innovation with multi-layered fraud defenses that allow you to monitor all behavior in real-time, without restriction.

Self-calibrating machine learning

Pre-mapped system integrations

Extensible to new channels

Expert calculations and strategies

Workflow orchestration

Unified alert and case management

Reduce False Positives with Cross-Channel, Cross-Product Views

Adapt to the current fraud landscape while remaining invisible during genuine transactions. Manage customer accounts with:
Spot anomalies in real-time that indicate social engineering. Monitor both inbound and outbound payments.
Detect activity that suggests account takeover attempts; for example, suspicious behavior related to change of account information, such as contact data.
Identify unusual transactions that indicate money-laundering behavior.
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Stronger Real-Time Payments Fraud Defenses Mean Happier Customers

Real-time payment schemes — including Faster Payments, SEPA SCT Inst, and the Real-Time Payment Rail — are becoming ubiquitous. Adapt your fraud detection strategies to maintain a pace of innovation that supports the expansion of real-time payments. Join over 9,000 financial institutions that benefit from FICO's 25+ years of payment fraud expertise.