Sanctions Screening

Screen customers and transactions in real time to combat terrorist financing, and comply with sanctions and embargo regulations.

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Lower costs and reduce risk with analytics-driven customer screening and transaction filtering

Keep pace with complex regulations, ever-changing watch lists, exploding transaction volumes, and growing instant payment services — with a solution designed for today’s high-volume, high-intensity compliance environment. Use advanced ML and similarity matching techniques to screen your data real-time against a multitude of watch lists to accurately flag sanctioned entities and suspicious transactions, and minimize false positives.

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FICO named a “Category Leader” in Chartis report Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: AML and Watchlist Monitoring, 2019

Financial Crime Risk Management Systems: AML and Watchlist Monitoring, Market Update and Vendor Landscape, 2019


With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

Intelligent similarity matching

Achieve unsurpassed precision for your similarity matching to significantly reduce false positives and mitigate risks that lead to missed name matches, such as misspelling, nicknames, and other name phenomena.

Advanced analytics for higher-quality alerts

Use industry-leading analytics to fine-tune rules and models for unusual activity detection and higher quality alerts.

Network analytics for sanctions screening and investigation

Identify connected entities and hidden networks, discover unusual transaction patterns, and visualize money flows to understand the full trade context.

Robotics for alert and case management

Automate alert routing and closing to reduce investigators’ workloads and relieve them from mundane, manual activities so they can focus on what’s important — identifying suspicious behavior.

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Latency for Payment Screening

Instant payments

Integration with over ten national and international sanctions lists

Transactions per Second

Screened Against Lists
Ensure Sanctions Compliance

Easily detect wire-stripping and stop payments to sanctioned individuals, groups, companies, and countries.

Advanced high volume entity screening against the numerous public and commercial sanction and watch lists, including National and international lists and commercial data bases.
Easy sanction and watch list management with automated list updates and a flexible loader for new data additions.
Allow-lists exclude persons or terms, and easily adaptable business rules define individual filters for fine-tuning of alerting levels.
Fast and efficient investigations with workflow support, intelligent automation, and network views to contextualize alerts and improve probability of true matches.
Universal transaction handling of SWIFT, non-SWIFT, and SEPA payments.


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May 16, 2023 – May 19, 2023

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SWIFT Compatible Application


View full details of our SWIFT Certified Application on the SWIFT website.


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SWIFT Compatible Application Alliance Screening 2020

Innovate sanctions screening with intelligence and automation

Increase efficiency and effectiveness of your sanctions operations while staying compliant with watch list enforcement regulations. Make use of the next-generation technologies that help your investigators focus on the alerts that matter most.