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Scams Protection

Stop scams, protect customers, lower risk, and prevent losses from payments fraud with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Scams are a global threat — can you prevent them?

Around the world, scams are exploding. New real-time payments channels enable fraudsters to trick your customers into sending money immediately, often without any chance to get it back. The losses are staggering, and it’s time to fight back.

million+ gross losses in 2021 to authorized push payment scams (British Pounds) [1]

billion+ in losses in 2020 to authorized party scam (US Dollars) [2]


minority of global consumers list “being tricked into sending payment” as a top fraud concern [3]


Detect and prevent scams, stop payments fraud

Identify and stop real-time payments fraud and authorized user and authorized push payment (APP) scams, regardless of the payments channel, with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics. Support and enhance your fraud strategies with the most sophisticated, patented scam detection technology in the industry. 

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Protect customers and improve customer experience

Give your customers the protection they expect and the experiences they demand, without creating unnecessary friction. Use powerful AI and machine learning to spot scams and inform your behind-the-scenes decisioning, so you can take the right actions to stop fraud — while delivering seamless transactions for your legitimate customers.

AI and ML models for identifying scams

Score, spot, and stop transactions that are associated with scams and payments fraud using FICO’s patented machine learning models. Incorporate insights from billions of global data points to identify payments fraud across P2P channels like Zelle, Venmo, and CashApp as well as mobile payments, ACH, and wires. Those insights, coupled with our comprehensive scams detection score, let you make the best decision to help stop fraud before it happens.
Data from FICO’s global fraud consortium helps identify new and evolving scam threats, as well as abnormal consumer behavior indicative of authorized user or authorized push payment fraud. Insights from non-fraud data also help you identify legitimate consumer behavior, which can help reduce false positives. That intelligence can help improve customer experience, stop transactions that seem suspicious, and support accurate fraud prevention.
When it comes to protecting your customers from scams, only the best will do. Empower your fraud team to help keep customer accounts — and their funds — safe from scams with AI-driven fraud detection capabilities and best-in-class, two-way communication tools. With this potent combo, your team can proactively alert customers when you identify a scam in action, to stop fraud immediately.
There is a significant difference between unauthorized fraud and scams. Distinguishing a legitimate authorized transaction from a scam is one of the hardest pieces of fraud to detect. Fortunately, FICO’s patented machine learning models and scam scores are built on billions of data points from a consortium of more than 9,000 global institutions — and they have the analytical horsepower to help you accurately identify up to 50% more scam transactions.
One of the main benefits of working with us is that you get immediate access to FICO’s deep fraud domain expertise. Our dedicated fraud professionals bring thousands of years of combined experience to the table, which is the perfect complement to our continual analytic innovations. At the end of the day, it’s fraud detection performance that matters — and when you partner with FICO, you get immediate, positive results.
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FICO delivers the most predictive scam detection score in the market. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we provide you with a proven scam detection model that can identify up to 50% more scam transactions, while also helping stop other types of fraud.  

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Fintech innovator helps its customers identify more fraud, while reducing analysis time by 95%
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FICO solutions offer a wide range of capabilities, empowering you to make smarter, personalized decisions, streamline operations, and improve the customer experience.

Analytics & ML

Leverage our patented AI techniques to develop your advanced analytics and train your ML models to deeply understand and predict customer behavior.

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Make more precise, consistent, and intelligent decisions across your enterprise with expert control over your decision logic.

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External Data Access

Inform your decisions and enrich your insights with signals from third-party data and other alternative data sources.

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Feature Management

Get more machine learning projects into production by leveraging a shared library of derived data attributes across your enterprise.

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Enforce overall management of the entire ecosystem so you can move quickly and with confidence.

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Testing & Validation

Ensure your configuration drives the desired outcomes by testing and validating business services across FICO® Platform.

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Send the Scammers Scurrying Away

Your customers deserve the best line of defense between them and the criminals out for their hard-earned money. Put powerful, proven AI and machine learning to work and help stop scammers in their tracks. Contact us today to learn more about our real-time payments fraud and scam prevention solutions. Let’s stop scammers!
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