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Leverage intelligent automation to meet the AML transaction monitoring challenges of today.

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AML powered by machine learning and robotic process automation

Fight money laundering with an advanced analytics solution. Detect complex, new modes of criminal attacks faster; better understand customers, relationships, and behavioral changes; and benefit from a single investigation hub across financial crime risk domains, allowing you to take a holistic view on your customer. Target the “right” alerts and automate investigation and decisioning processes with robotic process automation to help increase efficiency and lower the costs in AML Compliance


With a rich feature set of advanced tools, FICO empowers business users to make faster, smarter, customer-focused decisions.

Dynamic profiling

Utilize powerful multi-dimensional profiling to compare current with both historical and peer group behavior for anomaly detection and dynamic risk-rating.

Advanced analytics for suspicious activity detection and alert prioritization

Boost the effectiveness of your AML program with advanced analytics to discover new not yet known criminal patterns beyond the radar of your rules, and prioritize alerts with the help of AI to focus investigative resources.

Network analytics for transaction monitoring and investigation

Identify connected entities and hidden money laundering networks, visualize and discover suspicious patterns across all payments flows.

Robotics for alert and case management

Automate alert routing and closing to reduce investigators’ workloads and relieve them from mundane, manual activities so they can focus on what’s important — identifying suspicious behavior.

Of analytics-prioritized alerts

Top 21% contain 95% of alerts that lead to a SAR

More than 50% of alerts

Can be closed automatically through robotics

View of customer activity

To detect more financial crime
Technical Details

Cutting-edge AML technology and market-leading money laundering expertise

Compliance with the FATF risk-based approach and AML best practice standards, plus a compendium of extra rules and scenarios gleaned from over 1,300 implementations in 100+ countries.
Powerful rules editor easily adjusts risk-based anti-money laundering strategies without the need for programming skills or IT intervention.
Collaborative profiling, behavior-sorted lists, and self-calibrating outlier detection algorithms understand customer behavioral shifts in real time and improve abnormal behavior detection to find more money laundering activity.
Fast and efficient investigations with workflow support, intelligent automation, and 360° customer and network views across KYC, AML, and other financial crime risk domains.
Regulatory Reporting Service to meet filing requirements of various jurisdictions in a flexible and automated way — be it the German Customs Investigation Bureau, US FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), the Suspicious Transactions Reporting Office (STRO) of the Monetary Authority of Singapore, or any other local supervisory authority.


Learn what’s happening in the world of advanced analytics and data-driven decision management with the latest news, updates, and ideas from the FICO Newsroom.


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Future-proof your AML transaction monitoring

Make use of the next generation of technology that helps you lower false positives, increase investigative efficiencies, and enhance detection.