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The FICO Trust Center is your resource for privacy, security and cloud operations information.

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At FICO we strive to deliver the very best security and privacy, customer and subscriber protection through innovation, adherence to stringent standards, and a team of world-class professionals. We want to answer your questions, provide you with further information about our privacy practices, and assist you in the exercise of any privacy rights available to you under applicable privacy laws in certain jurisdictions. The first step is for you to determine where you have a relationship with FICO as represented by the cards below. For your protection, we will begin by asking you to validate your identity. If you have an account with myFICO customer, FICO Analytic Cloud, or FICO Community, you will be asked to log in to your account with us, using your password, after selecting the appropriate card below. If you have not created an account or registered with us, you should select the FICO card. Please also see our FICO Privacy Policy ( which provides further information about our privacy practices and your rights and how to exercise them.

Manage your Privacy Preferences


To exercise your data privacy rights, please log into your account.

FICO Analytic Cloud

To exercise your data privacy rights, please log into your FICO Analytic Cloud account.

FICO Community

To exercise your data privacy rights, please log into your FICO Community account.


To exercise your data privacy rights if you do not have an account, please select this card.


Data Privacy

We take a “privacy by design” approach that enables our customers to comply with GDPR as well as important data privacy and trust requirements for the geographies in which they operate. 

Security and Compliance

We use a multifaceted approach to safeguard your data with integrated, defense-in-depth security controls at every layer. Security is a strategic priority for FICO, and we continually invest in industry-leading tools and best practices.

Cloud Operations

Security and privacy are inherently designed into our operational procedures, and FICO’s team of experts provide continuous monitoring and protection for our cloud services. 

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