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Data privacy at FICO

We continually monitor the regulatory and legislative landscapes for new developments in data privacy laws and deploy sophisticated technical and organizational measures to secure data and ensure privacy.


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR reinforces existing data protection principles in the European Union (EU) and expands legal protections and privacy rights for individuals residing in the EU. A cross-functional effort between our privacy and product teams has led to many product enhancements designed to empower our customers to use FICO products and SaaS offerings in compliance with the GDPR.

The GDPR defines two primary roles for protecting data, Controllers and Processors.

Controllers are defined as an entity to which personal information or personal data has been disclosed and who determines the purposes and means of processing personal information.

If you are a subscriber to the FICO Analytic Cloud Community and a resident of the EU, we are a Controller of your data. FICO Analytic Cloud Community customers may use this link to access the community portal to view your rights, to access information held about you, correct inaccuracies, object to further use or disclosure of your data, request a portable copy of your data or have your data erased.

If you are a FICO employee you are encouraged to review the Employee policy for details on employee privacy rights.

Our responsibilities as a Processor under the GDPR includes having contracts with our customers (the Controller) that prescribe how we process, store and retain personal data.


International Data Privacy laws

Many countries have passed or drafted data privacy laws that are similar to the GDPR. Common mechanisms we use to conduct business and transfer data internationally include standard contract clauses, model clauses and the EU-US Privacy Shield. More information, including a complaint resolution contact number, is available in the FICO Privacy Policy


United States Privacy laws

A comprehensive federal privacy law has not been enacted, but there are many state laws which are being proposed or pending implementation that are intended to address data privacy rights. If you are a myFICO customer or a FICO Analytic Cloud Community subscriber, please use the links on the Trust Center page to exercise your rights.

If you have questions or comments about your data privacy rights under the GDPR, other International or United States privacy laws please contact the FICO privacy team: