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We are committed to protecting your personal information in our possession. We maintain strict security protocols to protect the personal data that we process.  

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Trust Center at FICO


If you have come to this website because you have a privacy matter to discuss with us, or if you have questions about FICO’s privacy policy and practices, you can usually find the answers in our FICO Privacy Policy (https://www.fico.com/en/privacy-policy).

You may have come to this website because you would like to request to exercise your right, if available to you under applicable law, to access, correct, or delete your personal information, to revoke consent or object to our use of your personal information, or to submit a privacy complaint. If you are living in the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, or elsewhere in the world, you may contact us at this email address PersonalDataInquiry@fico.com to request to exercise your privacy rights. Please note that FICO often acts as a service provider for other businesses, and in that situation, we only process personal information on behalf of those other businesses. In those circumstances, you should contact the companies you do business with directly to request to exercise your rights relating to your personal information.