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We believe in the power of data-driven intelligence to transform the way organizations make and apply decisions.

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FICO has been recognized by independent analysts and thought leaders for our deep advanced analytics and machine learning expertise and innovation in decision management.


Forrester Digital Decisioning Platforms, 2021


Chartis Innovation Winner, 2021

All top 10

Fortune 500 companies use FICO


Forbes List of Best Mid-Sized Employers, 2021

95 of the 100

Largest US financial institutions are FICO clients


Chartis Enterprise Fraud Solutions, 2021

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Decision Management and Optimization

The heart of what makes FICO unique

At FICO we believe that the true power of prescriptive analytics – the combination of predictive science, decision rules and optimization – to create an action based on data insights is only valuable to a business if it’s delivered to a customer or a customer engagement in real time. Analytics becomes Decision Management when it delights or enhances a customer relationship.

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Customer Development

Your ideal portfolio

By connecting every decision you make – marketing offers, risk evaluations, onboarding messages, pricing changes – FICO helps your organization design and execute an intelligent, integrated strategy for attracting, delighting, and retaining your ideal portfolio of customers. With FICO, your organization has the control to compete and win in an increasingly crowded market.

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Debt Collection and Recovery

Modern, compliant technology for collections & recovery

FICO’s end-to-end, fully compliant debt management environment connects collections, recovery, and customer communications in one complete ecosystem. By automating operational processes, extracting insights with advanced analytics and offering personalized experiences, FICO’s solutions improve efficiency while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

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Fraud Protection and Compliance

FICO optimized security and convenience

By taking a holistic approach to preventing and detecting fraud and money laundering across the enterprise, FICO helps your organization create the right balance between risk management and customer experience. We are committed to continuous and expertise-driven innovation in technology and advanced analytics. Combined with the power of the consortium data in the FICO® Falcon® Intelligence Network, FICO helps you drive profitable growth while protecting your bottom line and staying compliant.

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Scoring Solutions

Concise, easily-understood risk measurement

Built on predictive analytics created from huge data stores of consumer behavior, FICO® Scoring Solutions distill data down to a score, as a concise measurement of risk. FICO Scoring Solutions are easily understood and provide automated decision-making capability that can be integrated into a company’s operations as the basis for taking action.


FICO is the world’s leading provider of analytics software, solutions and services that transform the way organizations understand their customers and optimize business processes around them.

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