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Toma de decisiones más rápida, inteligente y rentable

Toma de decisiones más rápida, inteligente y rentable

How FICO’s innovative decisioning technology is driving financial services digital transformation


According to market surveys, close to 90 % of businesses in financial-intensive industries - banking, insurance, credit cards, payments, etc. - see digital disruption as a looming threat. Conversely, and with somewhat staggering disparity, only a fraction of those companies - for example, just 3 % of banks -consider their organizations to be 'extremely' disruption proof.

FICO is also working closely with early adopters with a customer-centric mindset that are taking efforts to drive their digital strategy and improve consumer experience.   

Understandably, as is the case with businesses in many sectors that are wedded to legacy systems or a particular company culture, FICO sees some hesitancy to fully adopt three pillars all industries should consider. Learn more about these pillars and take small steps to embark on a true digital transformation journey.