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Consumer relationship marketing solution drives multi-brand, mutli-channel marketing efforts

Integrating enterprise-wide direct-to-consumer (DTC) relationship and brand marketing efforts

Estudio de caso

The creation of a relationship marketing Center of Excellence has enabled the client to support over 40 brands and has eliminated the “silo’s” that were once barriers to understanding effective customer relationship management.

FICO Case Study

Client: Top 10 global pharmaceutical company* 

Challenge: How to efficiently support multi-brand relationship marketing (RM) efforts to drive increased acquisition, compliance and persistency, and improve market share 

Solution: Development of an RM Center of Excellence supported by FICO® Precision Marketing Manager 

Results: Reduced RM brand program costs by 68 % and improved compliance with privacy policies. Cost per qualified lead reduced by 65 % through a program of Rx Coupons and telemarketing enabled with FICO Precision Marketing Manager