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Banco regional detiene una red de fraude con FICO

Estudio de caso

Banco regional detiene una red de fraude con FICO

Cutting-edge network analytics model proactively detects fraudulent accounts

Estudio de caso

Challenge: Accurately identify and address identity fraud and fraud rings throughout the customer lifecycle to automate mitigation of fraud exposure and loss. 


Solution: FICO® Identity Resolution Engine 

Results: By applying Network Analytics through FICO® Identity Resolution Engine, a regional bank in North America identified over USD 15 million in potential fraud savings. The technology empowers banks to keep their books clean by operatonalizing the insights to automate credit risk and fraud decisions across the customer lifecycle. 

With FICO Identity Resolution Engine, the bank: 

  • Prevented identity fraud losses 
  • Used Network Analytics to accurately distinguish fraud from legitimate bad debt 
  • Reduced investigation time from weeks to hours 
  • Directed collections and investigations resources more efficiently