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El fraude en el mundo de los pagos en tiempo real

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In November SEPA CT Inst was launched in the Eurozone. This cross-border, real-time payments scheme joins established and new national real-time payment schemes in operation across Europe. Many countries are new to real-time payments and disruption and innovation can have unintended consequences. Other countries that have launched such schemes have found that real-time payments means real-time fraud.

Join Fintech expert Liz Lumley, a regular keynote speaker on subjects including regulation, risk, data and technology in banking and FICO Payments expert Toby Carlin to discuss:

  • What’s important about real-time payment schemes
  • Why they are different from other fast ways of paying such as person-to-person schemes or e-wallets.
  • What fraud trends can you expect to see in a real-time payments environment
  • A case-study on the UK – what happened to fraud when they introduced real-time payments in 2008 and what have the implications been.
  • How FICO has helped banks adapt their fraud strategies to a real-time payments environment.