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El futuro de decidir (parte uno)

The Secret Ingredients to Operationalize Analytics & What it Means for Revolutionizing Your Customer Engagements

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The proliferation of data and ongoing innovation in technologies are changing the way businesses make decisions; decisions that impact their customers, their go-to-market strategies, and their bottom line. For businesses, the infinitely wide stream of information and the tools to collect and store this data in real time is changing the way we make decisions about and for our customers.

Having access to an ocean of data does not automatically lead to better decision-making. Organizations who aren't harnessing cutting-edge decision science (in addition to data science) find themselves drowning in data. As a matter of fact, determining what to do with the insights - integrating analytics in business process - isn't part of those investments. Even those in the vanguard who are investing in tools and technologies including advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and data digitalization might have no clear path to seeing an ROI.

If you have a stake in how your organization makes choices now and in the future, you’ll want to join us for this webinar, brought to you by the decision industry standard-bearers: FICO.

We’ll talk about:

  • The rise and long-term trends of Analytics, AI and Machine Learning, what it means and how to leverage analytics to beat your competition
  • How a decision management mindset can transform organizations that are investing in advanced analytics to deliver real business impact
  • Organizations who are investing in prescriptive analytics and decision management capabilities—and seeing real results

Presenter: Benjamin Baer, Senior Director, Product Management, FICO