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Hiding in Plain Sight: Is Your KYC Process a Spotlight or a Blindfold?

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To meet Anti-Money Laundering (AML) program requirements, financial institutions must first fully understand the customer under “Know Your Customer” (KYC) guidelines. A difficult process to manage, KYC is also increasingly problematic for banks as customers are frustrated with the lengthy, disjointed onboarding processes, and regulators ask for more and more information. At the same time, the trend toward digital account openings adds new ways for fraudsters and money launderers to fly under the radar. Rules alone cannot protect the institution - analytics are needed to optimize AML and KYC operations. Is it time for your organization to bite the bullet? Learn how you can move to the next generation KYC process using technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, automated KYC questionnaires and enterprise financial crime management. This event promises to discuss:

  • Benefits and recommended approaches to addressing initial due diligence process for an enterprise financial crimes ecosystem
  • Operationalizing AI and machine learning to identify outliers of customers acting outside their designated risk
  • Linked relationships to understand beneficial ownership across your organization (e.g. business, household)

CEB TowerGroup Principal Executive Advisor, Andy Schmidt, will present how to build the next generation KYC process as a cornerstone of an effective AML compliance program. Additionally, hear Laurie Gentz, CAMS and Senior Consultant, FICO, speak about the emerging technology landscape and how to enhance existing KYC policies and procedures in place today.

Presented by: Andy Schmidt, Principle Executive Advisor, Commercial Banking CEB Laurie Gentz, Sr. Consultant, FICO Compliance Solutions, FICO