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Measuring Supply Chain Cyber Risk with T-Mobile & FICO

Learn How T-Mobile Manages the Cyber Risk of Thousands of Suppliers

Webinar a pedido

Al haber implementado la filosofía Un-carrier de Estados Unidos, T-Mobile ha redefinido la manera en la que los consumidores y las empresas adquieren los servicios móviles, lo que ha dado como resultado 86 millones de clientes y USD 44 mil millones de ganancias. Con el fin de alcanzar y aprovechar el éxito, T-Mobile debe confiar en una red de miles de vendedores y distribuidores con los que se relaciona comercialmente y, muchas de dichas relaciones, exigen el intercambio de información confidencial. En la era actual de las conexiones digitales en las que se producen muchas violaciones a través de proveedores externos, ¿cómo hace T-Mobile para evaluar y controlar con éxito el riesgo cibernético de sus proveedores?

Please join our complimentary webinar, which will feature an interview with T-Mobile's Director of Cyber Risk, Christopher Wallace. Christopher will share the tools and best practices T-Mobile's implemented for managing third-party cyber risk. Among those tools is the FICO® Cyber Risk Score, the world's only empirical measurement of forward-looking cyber breach risk. Christopher will discuss how T-Mobile & FICO:

  • Continuously monitor third- and fourth-party vendors (vendors of vendors) with the most accurate risk assessment available
  • Identify, prioritize and focus resources on vendor relationships that require the most scrutiny
  • Mitigate and reduce cyber risk with targeted actions
  • Stay in compliance with new and emerging regulations

Supplier ecosystems don't get much larger or more complicated than T-Mobile's, so Third-Party Risk Managers across all industries should find this webinar extremely useful. We will also be sure to leave enough time for audience questions. If you're responsible for your firm's vendor management, don't miss this great opportunity to gain valuable insights firsthand from subject matter experts-register today!