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Webinar a pedido

Modernización de su sistema de recobro: cinco cuestiones a considerar

Webinar a pedido

Modernizing your legacy collections system is inevitable. For most organizations, your old system has become too hard to maintain, even finding people who can maintain it can be a challenge. Many systems prevent you from scaling your operations, expanding to new channels, and enhancing your workflow.

As systems are being sunset, agencies need a practical approach to move forward - quickly. New technology entrants promise cloud technologies and modern customer experiences but can't offer the depth and breadth of strategy development, domain expertise, and workflow automation that modern systems deliver. Existing collections software vendors provide solutions with rich functionality using antiquated technology, but without rebuilding the core system. The question is, how can agencies "go future" while ensuring the promise meets the hype?

In this webinar, we will discuss not only why you should consider modernizing your collections platform, but what it takes to do so:

  • Why move to an enterprise system and when is the right time
  • What to look for in an enterprise system
  • Challenges you may face in modernizing
  • Approaches to modernizing
  • What it will look like to transition

Watch this this webinar where we have Ted London, Senior Director of Collection Agencies practice at FICO, map out how agencies can evolve from a legacy collection infrastructure to intelligent, flexible and easily integrated collections systems that grow and scale with you over time.