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IA: menos artificial, más inteligente

IA: menos artificial, más inteligente

Giving Your Business a Cognitive Advantage

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It’s time to get real about Artificial Intelligence.

Computing advances and big data are bringing artificial intelligence (AI)-for decades, largely an academic pursuit-into the business mainstream. Because AI technologies give us powerful ways to make sense of data at scale, they're becoming an increasingly important source of competitive advantage. Reaping the benefits, however, depends on understanding how to apply machine intelligence to business processes and balance it with human expertise.

Download our new executive brief, “AI: Less Artificial, More Intelligent,” now, and you’ll learn:

  • Why AI has become the new competitive distancer – and how new entrants are using AI to disrupt business even with limited historical data
  • Real-life examples of how AI is helping to battle fraud, while also dramatically increasing performance in marketing, fraud and procurement 
  • Several AI-powered innovations you can (and should) deploy now, from self-adjusting models to strategy learning factories
  • Potential pitfalls and warning signals from AI projects, and how optimizing human and machine touchpoints now can help you avoid serious problems later