Better Analytics: Success in a constrained collections environment

Success in a constrained collections environment

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Executive Brief

Based the recent Aite Report white paper commissioned by FICO, "Beyond the Call Center: Emerging Strategies for Collecting Consumer Debt," this is one of three executive briefs that speaks to the biggest strategic trends in debt collection for large US lenders. In this Q&A, Arjun Bajaj, Senior Consultant for Applied Optimization at FICO, discusses the challenges facing debt collection leaders at large and dives into how lenders can overcome obstacles through more advanced collections analytics. Learn how leveraging data to guide decision-making and going off of basic business-driven or judgmental strategies can bring instant lift in the collection space. And discover how going a step beyond to leverage techniques like optimization can generate an additional 10 %-30 % lift in collections with the end goal of achieving balance in your strategies across all portfolios to maximize your returns potential.

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