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Preguntas y respuestas sobre los temás más importantes de cómo desplegar la próxima generación de ventas y planificación de operaciones

Mike Watson Q&A: Push the Boundaries of Sales and Operations Planning with Optimization

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Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) isn't just about aligning supply and demand. Ultimately, businesses across all industries need to synchronize plans across all functions to strike the right balance between demand, resources and other constraints. With more data available than ever before, and customer preferences constantly shifting, companies are realizing that their analytics need to evolve beyond just reporting, to include machine learning and ultimately optimization. Download our latest Q&A now with published author and supply chain expert Mike Watson, and learn how virtually any S&OP decision can benefit from advanced analytics and automation. He shares data strategies and pitfalls, as well as helping businesses deal with analytic resource challenges and lack of knowledge regarding what types of tools and platforms to invest in. You'll get practical advice to help build a strawman, so you can move forward quickly - before your competitors!