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Comprender FICO® Scores

Understanding FICO® Scores

What you need to know about the most widely used credit scores.

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FICO®Scores are the most widely used credit scores—according to a recent CEB TowerGroup analyst report, FICO®Scores are used in over 90 % of U.S. lending decisions.1 Every year, lenders access billions of FICO®Scores to help them understand people's credit risk and make better-informed lending decisions. By providing lenders with a fast, reliable and objective measure of credit risk, FICO®Scores have made the lending process faster and fairer—helping millions of people get access to the credit they deserve.

Your FICO®Scores are a vital part of your credit health. They can influence your credit and loan approvals and what terms and interest rates you qualify for. Because FICO®Scores are the credit scores most widely used in lending decisions, viewing your FICO®Scores can help you get a better understanding of how lenders will evaluate your credit risk when you apply for a loan or credit.