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FICO® Cyber Risk Score

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FICO® Cyber Risk Score for TPRM

Quantifying the Cyber Risk of Third-Party Relationships


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It's not enough that leaders know their own firm's cyber risk; they must also evaluate the security of their vendors and suppliers as part of Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM). A core aspect of TPRM is conducting ongoing assessments of your overall network of suppliers. But many firms have suppliers numbering in the hundreds and thousands, which can make effective assessments difficult and time-consuming. That's why adding the FICO Cyber Risk Score to your TPRM processes can provide a powerful perspective on your overall vulnerability.

Download this solution sheet for details on how the FICO Cyber Risk Score will quantify the security posture of all of the organizations that make up your vendor ecosystem. By continually monitoring the risk indicators of third parties, at internet scale, the Cyber Risk Score enables you to proactively mitigate your supplier risk-without the burden of maintaining mountains of static vendor security surveys. Learn more about the FICO Cyber Risk Score, and how it can help your organization's TPRM program by downloading today!