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FICO® Deposit Overdraft Line Optimizer

Implement analytically derived overdraft shadow limits dynamically at the account level, across the entire deposit portfolio

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Embed analytic precision into your overdraft line strategies


As banks begin to reap the rewards associated with applying advanced analytics to credit accounts, they are now looking to use the same techniques for improving deposit processes and decisions, as well as customer experience and revenue. Overdrafts are an integral component of a successfully managed deposit business with overdraft fees driving more than 50 % of all deposit noninterest revenue; however, most banks set deposit overdraft limits at the product or segment level, limiting risk exposure but also affecting profit potential and customer satisfaction.


FICO® Deposit Overdraft Line Optimizer leverages powerful, flexible advanced analytics to determine overdraft limits for deposit accounts based on account conditions and customer risk. It can help you improve the amount of time an account is in overdraft, reducing the risk of charge-offs. It also sets limits at the account level with full transparency to help ensure all customers are treated fairly. Download our solution sheet to learn how it can help your organization drive profit, compliance and customer satisfaction.