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Finally. An optimized pricing solution for your personal lending business.

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In today's complex macroeconomic and regulatory environment, lenders are more challenged than ever to safely and profitably grow loan portfolios. Price elasticity, complex loan strategies, disruptive competition, competing business objectives and regulatory and capital requirements are some of the key challenges that mandate a transformational view of how to approach loan pricing.

FICO® Optimization Solution for Loan Pricing drives incremental profitability by finding the right balance between margin and volume across the entire personal

loan portfolio. Pricing managers intuitively know that when price goes down, volume goes up. The hard part is figuring out how much it will go up. This solution has been built to make accurate predictions and to help you understand the likely impact of a given decision. With FICO optimization, you can:

  • Increase margins by 10 %—30 % through rate reduction and increased volume
  • Grow loan portfolio margins by 40—100 basis points by discovering optimal pricing strategies across the entire portfolio
  • Ease compliance with simplified management and review of pricing decisions and automated audit features