2022 Consumer Survey: Fraud, Security and Customer Behavior

Financial institutions face shifting attitudes, behaviors, technologies, and customer expectations as they work to integrate fraud defenses into frictionless customer experiences.

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FICO's latest survey of more than 14.000 customers across 14 different countries worldwide reveals 74 % of customers rate good fraud protection as a top 3 consideration when opening a new financial account. Customers expect a strong fraud stance to be part of a financial institution's customer experience - whether that experience is digital, physical, or a bit of both. Read the results from FICO's survey to understand:

  • How financial institutions must balance fraud controls with customer experience
  • Which channels and tools consumers trust most
  • Why real-time data is necessary if financial institutions are to address risk, fraud and customer experience
  • What consumers really think about behavior fraud experts consider to be first-party fraud
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