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El mejor rendimiento con FICO Blaze Advisor

Delivering Superior Performance for Both Inference-Based and Sequential Rules Execution

White Paper

Delivering superior performance for both inference-based and sequential rules execution

white paper

The FICO™ Blaze Advisor® business rules management system offers best-in-class

performance for both sequential and inference-based rules execution. It also delivers a

high degree of scalability across a variety of platforms.

This white paper documents the results of a series of performance and scalability tests

that serve to quantify, and thus substantiate, these statements. Extensive testing of

the Blaze Advisor system against both industry standard benchmarks and against

real-world scenarios provided by Fortune 100 companies shows impressive

performance/scalability characteristics. These results confirm that the Blaze Advisor

system has industry-leading performance that can dramatically lower an organization’s

total cost of ownership for a rules management solution