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De Big Data a Big Marketing: siete básicos

Insights - Best practices for performing data-driven personalized marketing at an immense scale

White Paper

The ability to draw deep customer insights from Big Data and bring them rapidly into operational decision making is transforming the discipline of marketing. Today marketers have the opportunity to understand customers at a depth that harkens back to the past of neighborhood stores and local banks. To have a deep, relevant and constantly improving dialogue with these customers. And to do

so at an immense scale.Intelligent consumer devices, ubiquitous broadband networks and social media are all contributing to the explosion of Big Data. Standardized hardware components and service-based software architectures are enabling this data to be brought together and analyzed in massively distributed, parallel and virtual ways that bring down the cost of high-performance computing. As a result, Big Data techniques-used thus far in very specialized settings-are affordable and implementable for an increasing number of companies.